Online Casino Bonus for beginners

Casino bonuses can make a lot of differences in your fortune as a gamer. It gives you the leverage you couldn’t have been able to access if you are playing with your own money. It enables you to increase your stake each time you play so that you can win big.  In this write-up, you will learn about the various types of online casino bonuses you can benefit from.

Welcome bonus

It is also called New player bonus, First deposit bonus and sign up bonus. The particular name adopted depends on the online casino platform. In most instances, it is given as a 100% bonus and usually added to the initial deposit of the player after payment verification. However, it ranges from 50% to 500% in value. Be very careful when you come across a bonus greater than 100%. Other than that, you can also involve in knowing the facts of Mason Jones presents a series of slideshows.

No deposit bonus

You do not need to deposit your own money before you can start playing games on an online casino platform. This is made possible by the No Deposit Bonus. With this bonus, you can start staking on your favorite games immediately after your registration has been verified. You can also win big without staking your own money. A lot of restrictions are attached to this type of bonus

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Monthly deposit bonus

Other names for this type of bonus are loyalty bonus, reload bonus and deposit bonus. It is given on a monthly basis after making a new deposit into your online casino account. The bonus can be in the form of 100% bonus up to £100 on the first day of the month, and the total amount you get can be determined by the amount you deposit.  Your previous activities on that online casino can also determine the amount of money you will get as a reload bonus

Payment method bonus

Online casinos prefer some payment methods to others, and they usually make an effort to encourage the use of that payment method by their clients by giving the client a bonus when the client uses that payment method. The percentage of the bonus varies, depending on the concerned online casino. This type is not common.

High roller casino bonus

This is the bonus given to high-risk takers by online casino platforms. They give these bonuses to their clients when these clients stake very high or make a huge deposit. They also offer the clients various incentives and give them VIP treatments.

Refer a friend bonus

You can get up to £100 or more from your preferred online casino platform when you refer a friend. However, the friend needs to deposit before you can be given the bonus accrued to you. The amount you can get as bonus usually depends on how much the friend deposits.


Bonuses can give you a quick start in online gaming. However, you should read the terms and conditions attached to each of the bonuses before you accept it.