Poker Domino A brief rule book

The Domino version of the game poker is called as Poker domino. It is played using double6 dominos sets. The number of players can be anywhere between two to four. The double one tile and all the blank tiles are removed from the set before starting the play. The game does not have the same ranking systems for a hand, but the bluffing part of the game is similar to that used in the standard poker game. Read more abotu qiu qiu online, it is an online version of the game.


Before the start of every hand, each player puts up a fixed, an amount into the poker pot. The minimum and the maximum limits are predetermined before the start of the game.

Once the bets are placed, the dealer shuffles the tiles without showing them and deals five tiles to each player, upside down. A player is only allowed to see his own hand of tiles and no other. They look at and assess the rank of their deck or hand depending on the rules followed for the ranking system of Poker Dominos and then there are three lines of actions possible.

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Checking: It is an action that allows a player the chance to pass on the bet, without folding or betting. The player remains in the game without placing another bet. This is usually allowed only in the initial round of the game

Fold: Here the player taps out of the game. This is done when the player is not confident about winning the game. Usually indicates that he might have gotten the lowest rank. A player has lost the game and has no further part in the game when he folds. The player who has folded is not allowed to reveal his cards. This ensures the possibility of peoples card remains just as unpredictable as before.

Bet: Also done only in the initial round. A player puts up an additional amount as a wager.

Call: A player antes the same amount as other players in the game and all the players have to reveal their hand.

Raise: A player antes up a larger wager than other players. In this case, all other players should put in just as much to stay in the game. They can also raise the amount again.

Every hand ends when a player calls it. The winner of the round is the one with the hand having the highest rank.

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