Poker is like this “survivor” type of thing, you outplay and outlast everybody. There’s only going to be one winner and that is something that people are addicted to. Poker is not just any other card game, it’s something that you need to play not just with cards but also with your mind, your facial expressions, your gestures and so on.

With poker, you need to always be engaged. Unlike slot machines where you just insert a coin and pull the lever, insert the coin and pull the lever in repetition until you win or your money stash runs dry, poker is a whole different beast from that. It’s not just a battle of luck, it’s a battle of who got the best strategy and the most skillful that can win the match. James Bond and Danny Ocean seem to be very lucky on that aspect, so learn from them.

Why poker is addicting: Aside from the very interesting skill requirement that you are trying to acquire in order to form various strategies in various types of situations, it’s addicting in a sense that it’s gambling. There’s no exact money requirement in order to play poker, but keep note that when poker games become more immersive, people tend to raise the stakes and it suddenly becomes a fight or flight situation where you either fight or fly.

Poker games are interestingly short: The fact that the game is short makes it perfect. Long games can tire anyone, short games yield to more games and more opportunities to win or lose at the same time. The game time is just enough to make people engaged and interested to play another game and so on. The joy of winning and the misery of losing is short-lived after the game, that helps people become more motivated to play it over and over again. One step at a time in either taking anyone’s money or go broke.

Why you should play online poker: Online poker is a different league on its own for the fact that it made poker a very flexible game that can be enjoyed whenever and wherever. It takes away the reason why you never play poker like the casino is too far, you’re just too tired to iron your clothes, and even too tired to drive just to play a poker game. It utilizes the most useful thing in your life right now, your mobile device in order for you to play a match when and where.

Poker is a very addicting game for many reasons. It’s a good mind game, a good all-around fun game that can make you win a ton of cash or lose a ton of it. Playing poker online terpercaya is a bit challenging though since there are a lot of poker online sites that offer a poker experience, but has no license to operate. If you plan to play one, in order for you to be safe, it’s best that you go for the legal ones because you basically can’t go wrong.