Benefits of playing Domino 99

Dominos was originated in China in the 12th Century, and then spread across Europe and now played across the world. Dominoes progressed from similar games like cards and dice. Now domino 99 online game has gained greater significance worldwide. Domino 99 is widely played in Indonesia and many South East Asian countries.

The online domino games website provide an all-inclusive directory for the various domino games you can chose from to play with players around the world. You can come across various opponents who come with high intellectual skills in playing these games. What best for a beginner would be is to first learn to play with the computer opponents to gain expertise, while practicing at their pace. The internet offers you a diverse set of computer opponents and real people whom can you choose to play with. All the websites are free and accessible to play.

Domino 99

All the domino games have mostly identical rules. However, it’s always advisable to learn the rules before playing the game. While playing these games you will come across many unusual terms like Ace, Bar, Black, Block, Deuce, Boneyard, Double, dot, Doublet, End, Hand, Bone, Pip, Shuffle, spot, spinner and few others which you will get acquainted once you start the game.

Software’s used

The domino games can be accessible by downloading any of the three software’s available online: Commercial, Freeware and Shareware. All these software’s come with certain usage guidelines.

The different Games found on Freeware are: Basic Digital Dominos, Luzon Solitaire and Canasis

The Shareware games are: Bakno, 3 DRT, Amuseware Mexican, Chickenfoot, Digital, Dom2000.

All the games in shareware come with a ‘try and buy tag’. So the player has the liberty to try the game first before purchasing it.

Operating systems to play this game

Supporting operating systems: Mackintosh, windows, Pocket PC, Palm OS, and Linux.

Categorization of the games

The most prominent domino games played online are Block, Point and Card.

The simple domino games played online are Block Dominoes also known as Draw domino, followed by more interesting ones like Chicken foot and Matador.

The most popular games are Five-up and Muggins. Mexican train is mostly played in North America.